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“Looking to Sell Your Scrap? Check Out These Online scrap Dealers in Mumbai”

Looking to Sell Your Scrap? Check Out These Online Scrap Dealers in Mumbai

As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, waste management has become a pressing issue. A major part of managing waste includes recycling and selling scrap materials. Online scrap dealers have revolutionized the way citizens can effectively participate in recycling efforts.

In this article, we will discuss why it’s important to sell your scrap, how online scrap dealers have changed the game, and provide a comprehensive list of the top online scrap dealers in Mumbai.

Why It’s Important to Sell Your Scrap

Reduce Clutter

Selling your scrap will help declutter your home or workspace, freeing up space for more important items.

Help the Environment

By selling your scrap materials, you contribute to the recycling process. Recycling helps manage waste, conserves natural resources, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy compared to creating products from virgin materials.

Make Money

Selling your scrap materials could earn you some extra cash. Some materials like ferrous or non-ferrous metals, especially when sold at market rate, can fetch a decent price.

How Online Scrap Dealers Changed the Game

More Convenient

Online scrap dealers allow for easy booking of pickup and delivery, as well as payment options. You don’t have to worry about transporting your scrap materials, saving you time, effort and money.

Better Prices

Online scrap dealers offer better prices, since they have access to a wider network of buyers and more efficient processing units.

Access to a Wider Market

Online scrap dealers have a wider network of buyers, allowing them to offer better prices for a wider variety of materials.

Top Online Scrap Dealers in Mumbai

When deciding which online scrap dealer to choose, it’s important to consider factors such as competitive pricing, wide range of materials accepted, convenient pickup and delivery options, and positive feedback and reputation.


  • Company Name: Bhangarwalah
  • Materials Accepted: Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, cardboard, plastics etc.
  • Pricing Details: Competitive pricing based on the market rates
  • Contact Information:8828654662/8828388890
  • Email:
  • Reputation and Feedback: Positive feedback from previous customers, recognized as a trusted dealer in Mumbai

2) Mansuri Scrap

  • Company Name: Mansuri Scrap
  • Materials Accepted: E-waste, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper, cardboard etc.
  • Pricing Details: Competitive pricing based on the market rates
  • Contact Information:,
  • phone number :8828284129
  • Reputation and Feedback: Quick pickup and delivery, excellent customer service, highly recommended by previous customers

Tips for Preparing Scrap for Selling

Preparing your scrap for selling can help maximize your profit and save time and effort for the scrap dealer. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Sorting and Separating Materials: Separate your scrap materials by type, such as metals, plastics, paper or glass.
  • Cleaning and Removing Contaminants: Clean metals of grease and oil, label plastics and avoid contamination.
  • Compacting and Bagging: Compact and bag materials, especially if you have large quantities.
  • Calculating Weights and Volume: Weigh and measure your materials to make sure you have an accurate quantity.

FAQs About Selling Scrap to Online Dealers

How can I be sure to get the best price?

Compare prices offered by different online scrap dealers and choose one with a reputation for offering competitive rates. Additionally, sort and prepare your materials according to the recommendations of the scrap dealer to maximize your earnings.

Which items are commonly accepted for scrap?

Common items include metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, lead, and steel; paper and cardboard; plastic containers, bottles, and bags; electronics, batteries, and appliances.

What if my scrap has contaminants?

Scrap dealers will usually not accept materials with hazardous contaminants, so it’s important to clean and remove contaminants before selling.

How do I arrange for pickup or delivery?

Online scrap dealers generally offer the option for customers to schedule pickup by providing necessary details such as the pick-up date, address and time through their website or phone number.

What are the payment methods available?

Payment could be in the form of bank transfer, cash or e-wallet payment, depending on the online scrap dealer.


By selling your scrap materials to online dealers, you can effectively manage your waste, contribute to recycling efforts and earn some extra cash. We’ve provided a list of the top online scrap dealers in Mumbai who offer competitive rates, accept a wide variety of materials, and provide convenient pickup and delivery options.

Follow our tips for preparing your scrap materials and consult the FAQs if you have any questions. Thank you for reading and contributing to our efforts towards a greener, cleaner environment.

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